Global Rewards Edit

Name Floor Unlock Effect
Demon Fighter 1 Kill 10/100/1K/10K/100K/1M enemies Increases characteristics of all heroes based on level of reward. [10/25/50/85/130/185%]
Construction 1 Have 10/100/500/1K/5K buildings Reduce the cost multiplies for housing buildings based on level of reward. [97/94/88/84/80%]
The Population 1 Have 10/100/1K/10K/100K/1M/10M/100M workers Increase starting number of workers. [+10/27/49/78/112/153/200/253]
Golden King 1 Produce 10/1K/1B/1e19/1e30/1e37 gold Produce gold based on level of reward. [+0.2/0.5/0.9/1.4/2/3.5]
Gem King 1 Produce 10/100/100M/1e18/1e29/1e36 gems Produce gems based on level of reward. [+0.02/0.05/0.09/0.14/0.2/0.35]
Dark Lord 1 Have 100/1K/10K/100K/1M/10M/200M/1B dark mana Increases dark mana loot based on level of reward and floor of the last Dark Ritual.


Wagon of Mana 1 Loot 666/6666/66K/666K/6.66M dark mana in single drop. Increases dark mana loot based on level of reward. [6/11/20/37/66%]
Conqueror 1 Reach cave 50/66/90/130/180/266 Decrease the time interval between actions of the overseers based on level of reward. [1s -> 0.9/0.8/0.68/0.55/0.4/0.25s]
Dark Essence 90 (Kill Shadow) Kill 6 X.

Lvl 1: Liches

Lvl 2: Shadows

Lvl 3: Servants

Lvl 4: Warmasters

Lvl 5: Centipedes

Lvl 1: Increases the capacity of Dark Essence (+100%).

Lvl 2: Increases the effect of Dark Essence (+100%)

Lvl 3: Increases the production of Dark Essence based on the number of killed Servants (+X%, caps at +166% [3 min/hr -> 8 min/hr] @ ~1600 Servants)

Lvl 4: Increases the effect of Dark Essence (+100%)

Lvl 5:


Random (Meet a Devastator)

Kill x devastators

Lvl 1: 13

Lvl 2: 66

Lvl 3: 166

Lvl 4: 366

Lvl 5: 666

Lvl 1: Supreme hunter bonus gets applied to devastators

Lvl 2: 20% chance of 2 spikes, 25% at level 3, 40% at level 5

Lvl 3: 1% warrior damage / killed devastator at level 3

Lvl 4: around 0.75% archer dmg/killed devastator

Lvl 5: ???

Magic Science

112 (Kill 2 servants)

Lvl 1: 36 overseers must flee or refuse to serve.

Lvl 2: Enslave 66 enemies.

Lvl 3: Enslave 5 enemies in one run.

Lvl 4: Enslave 166 enemies.

Lvl 1: Increases mana lab productivity based on total amount of dark mana spent on Mana perk.

Lvl 2: Reduces the mana cost of mana lab by 1% (compound) per artifact.

Lvl 3: Unlocks Collector building

Lvl 4: Collectors increase mana output based on cave level

Overlord Rewards Edit

Name Floor Unlock Effect
Overlord Hunter 50 Kill Overlord 1 times +3% to global spell "Stun".
Overlord Slayer 50 Kill Overlord 5 times +100% to Overseers bonus.
Overlord Destroyer 50 Kill Overlord 10 times +4% to global spell "Stun".
Overlord Exterminator 50 Kill Overlord 25 times +150% to Overseer bonus.
Overlord Champion 50 Kill Overlord 50 times +100% to dark absorber bonus.

Drop Rewards Edit

Name Floor Unlock Effect
Growth Factor ? Use 13 (?) Global Spells (Speed up counts towards this) Increase gold and gems production by 1% per each level of orange rewards.
Dark Loot 51 Reach floor 41 with only two perks. Increase dark mana loot by 6% for each red reward.
Blocker 52 Kill 200 monsters while the Warrior is dead. Warrior gains ability to redirect damage of "Attack Any" on himself. Chance depends on number of Veterans.
Skilled Workers 53 Have 900 buildings. Increases base production of food, wood and metal based on number of granaries, storages, forges and wells.
Last Shot 54 Survive 666 "Attack All" hits with Archer. Persist though Dark Ritual. If Archer dies after "Attack All", he will cause damage to the enemy based on number of Snipers.
Oversight 55 Stay offline for 10 consistent hours . Increases offline production based on food productivity online.
Regeneration 56 Have 2066 heal on Cleric Increases duration of Cure spell based on health healed in battles. Persist through Dark Ritual. Also increases power of the Cure spell based on cave level.
Armorer 57 Reach floor 36 without buying any arsenal. Increases the power of arsenal based on the number of arsenal upgrades. Doesn't work for Dagger, Arrow and Amulet.
Demon Slaughter 58 Kill an enemy with 40 wounds. Warrior gets a chance to inflict wound on enemy with critical hit. Chance is based on number of critical hits.
Meat 59 Kill 26 Nightmares with one hit. Increases food production based on number of killed Nightmares.
Teaching 60 Collect 26.7k dark mana in one run. Increases the capacity of Arena, Archery and Magic School based on the total number of killed enemies.
Decay 61 Kill a Gargoyle that has 0 armor. Cleric reduces enemy armor based on damage of Cleric and number of killed Gargoyles.
Ephemerality 62 Reach mana generation of 100k/second Increases the capacity of Etherealion based on maximum mana regeneration. Persist through Dark Ritual.
Hellish Blacksmith 63 Collect 1Qi metal in Old Mine quest Increases production of metal based on maximum number of killed enemies in one run.
Rust 64 Kill 666 monsters that have 0 armor. Increases the power of Corrosion spell based on number of Shields, Brigandines and Jackets.
Money Makes Money 65 Loot 1T gems. Increase gold and gems production based on looted gems.
Supreme Hunter 66 Kill 5 bosses with one hit. Increases damage to bosses based on total number of killed bosses.
Spellbound Lumberjacks 67 Build 50 wood storages. Increases production of wood based on number of killed Succubi.
Resurrector 68 Cast Resurrection spell 13 times in one fight. Cleric gains a chance to resurrect fallen heroes. The chance depends on number of Archmages.
Crowd 69 Kill 6 Overseer without buying housing buildings or upgrading Arsenal. Increases the number of workers based on number of Overseers.
Revenge Master 70 Upgrade Bow to 150 in Arsenal. Increases the power of Revenge ability of Archer based on deepest floor reached.
Vampiric Drain 71 Kill 666 Vampires. Persist though Dark Ritual. Increases the health of all heroes based on number of killed Vampires.
Demonic Productivity 72 Kill 666 monsters without letting any Hero die. Increases production of all resources except for mana, based on the number of Demons killed.
Crusher 73 Inflict 16.7k wounds with Warrior. Persist though Dark Ritual. Increases critical hit chance based on number of wounds inflicted by the Warrior.
Academy 74 Kill 6 Overseers that has casted Fury. Increases the number of maximum of training buildings depending on Dark Mana obtained.
Mana Rain 75 Have maximum mana capacity of 66B Every Overseer produces mana based on floor.
Mystic Armor 76 Kill 666 monsters with Cleric. Persist though Dark Ritual. Increases the armor of all heroes based on number of Etherealions.
Quickness 77 Dodge 4 times in a row with Cleric. Each Mana Lab increases Dodge ability of Cleric by 0.6%
Reputation 78 Produce total of 113B mana. Increases the maximum number of mages per Spell Factory, based on the amound of mana produced.
Scouting 79 Reach 113B damage. Increases the damage of all heroes based on time spent in the cave.
Butcher 97 Inflict two wounds in single attack with Warrior. Increases critical damage of Warrior by 13% for each wound enemy has.(compounding)
Maximum Protection 107 Cast Protection spell 666 times. Persist though Dark Ritual. +1 maximum of protections on heroes.

Expert Rewards Edit

Name Floor Unlock Effect
Warlord 111 Reach floor 90 without death of your whole squad. Gives 2% chance to dodge to all heroes.
Galloping 111 Reach floor 51 in 14minute16second. In the first 20 caves Archer gets one ranged attack with range 5 per step.
Long Trip 111 Loot 90k dark mana with only Critical, Pierce and Heal perk. Extends the Galloping reward by 30 caves.
Magical Excellence 120 Reach 16M/s mana generation before floor 67 Reduce the cost multiplier for mana buildings accordingly to reward "Construction"
The Gremlins 125

(Quest reward)

Buy 400 buildings without hiring a single worker. Increases the production of all resources, except for mana, based on the number of building.
Teaching 2 130 One-Hit-Kill the Beast on floor 66 Increases the capacity of Arena, Archery and Magic School by 1 for every enslaved monster.
Wraiths Adept 131 Kill the Wraith who devoured 6 Servants. Increase dark mana for killing Wraiths by 66%. Also decreases the dodge ability of Wraiths and Shadows by 66%.
Galloping 2 131 Kill the Beast at Cave 66 in 696 seconds, 11 minutes 36 seconds (4x battle speed maximum). Extends the reward of Galloping by 16 levels.
Cannon Fodder 131 Reach a 66Qi attack with any hero with zero attack perk. Each White Flag click increases the Loathing deaths Modifier by the number based on the maximum cave level. [3 @ 131-165, 4 @ 166-226, 5 @ 227-272, 6 @ 273+]
Overseerment 134 Collect 10 overseers (any way) before a Dark Ritual Each overseer gained from the caves increases the chance to get one more overseer from Enslave perk by 66% (compound).
Fully Blunt 137 Kill 666 fully blunted enemies. Persists through Dark Ritual. The Warrior can now blunt enemies while being protected.
Defiance I 143 Kill the Beast at level 66 in one turn. Don't use any spells during the run. [Global spells like Rampage and Speed Up are OK] Together with Defiance II unlocks Challenges.
Defiance II 146 Collect 3 Harpy Eggs Together with Defiance I unlocks Challenges.
Furnace Fire 148 Increase the characteristics of your heroes by at least 333% with one Furnace 10% of the Furnace bonus also applies to the Clerics heals ability

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