Battle Spells

Name Floor Info
Cure 6 Recovers health
Protection 14 Protects each hero from 1 attack
Corrosion 21 Reduces enemy armor
Rage 34 Increases attack of all heroes
Resurrection 41 Resurrects 1 hero

Global Spells

Name Floor Info Ingredient
Speed Up 16 Instantly provides 8 hour resources. Automatically builds necessary storages, except for mana. All spells in queue are made instantly. Feather
Alchemy 19 Produce 1 gold/second Claw
Gemrise 22 Produce 0.1 gems/second Horn
Mana Flow 26 Produce 0.2 mana/second Tooth
Urge 32 +100% to food, wood and metal production Sting
Dark Weapon 37 +10 attack to Warrior, +25 attack to Archer and +15 attack to Cleric Skull
Dark Armor 44 +30 armor to Warrior, +15 armor to Archer and +15 armor to Cleric Fragment
Stun 50 Gives a chance to stun an enemy in every turn -
Incision 95 +1% chance to cause wound to enemy in every attack Clot
Refinement 110 Reduces perk cost multiplier by 6% Heart
Rampage 116

(Requires Rune Key)

+66% (compound) attack until next dark ritual Spike

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