Battle Spells Edit

Name Floor Info
Cure 6 Recovers health
Protection 14 Protects each hero from 1 attack
Corrosion 21 Reduces enemy armor
Rage 34 Increases attack of all heroes
Resurrection 41 Resurrects 1 hero

Global Spells Edit

Name Floor Info Ingredient
Speed Up 16 Instantly provides 8 hour resources. Automatically builds necessary storages, except for mana. All spells in queue are made instantly. Feather
Alchemy 19 Produce 1 gold/second Claw
Gemrise 22 Produce 0.1 gems/second Horn
Mana Flow 26 Produce 0.2 mana/second Tooth
Urge 32 +100% to food, wood and metal production Sting
Dark Weapon 37 +10 attack to Warrior, +25 attack to Archer and +15 attack to Cleric Skull
Dark Armor 44 +30 armor to Warrior, +15 armor to Archer and +15 armor to Cleric Fragment
Stun 50 Gives a chance to stun an enemy in every turn -
Incision 95 +1% chance to cause wound to enemy in every attack Clot
Refinement 110 Reduces perk cost multiplier by 6% Heart
Rampage 116

(Requires Rune Key)

+66% (compound) attack until next dark ritual Spike

Other Spells Edit

Name Unlock Criteria Info
Teleport 25 The teleport spell allows you to travel through the caves much faster. Only works past 25. Upgrade on ~133 so that it works on 1-25.
Compass 99

(10th Dark Archmage kill)

Opens the portal to the magical market.
Skip Devastator After first Devastator Archmages can create a powerful spell that will send the Devastator on a false trail. Check the box to cast spell automatically. Costs 16% (not sure about amount) of your current runs Dark Mana.
Defiance Complete Defiance I & II rewards Increases the characteristics of heroes and spells in accordance with completed challenges. Number of casts = total challenge level / 100 rounded up.

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