Name Floor Info
Farmer 1 +0.25 Food/second
Lumberjack 1 +0.25 Wood/second
Miner 3 +0.25 Metal/second
Gold Miner 17 +2% (compound) to Gold production
Jeweler 23 +2% (compound) to Gem production
Assistant 35 +1% (compound) to mana production


Name Floor Info
Veteran 7 +6% to health, +3% to attack and +4% to armor of Warrior
Sniper 11 +3% to health, +6% to attack and +4% to armor of Archer
Archmage 17 +4% to health, +4% to attack and +5% to heal of Cleric


Name Floor Info
Mage 6 +5% to power of battle spells and reduce production time of battle spells by 1% (compound)


Name Floor Info
Overseer 13, 18, 23, 28,

33, 37, 59, 128

Increase production of Food, Wood, Metal by 0.5%
Warmaster Unlocked from Scalpel Quest reward. Gained From defeating overseers affected by Hypnothoth's curse Increase the effect of Master scrolls

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